Gone Too Far

by Dave Calandra

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Dave Calandras' second album Gone Too Far journeys through varied soundscapes and moods to deliver a cohesive slab of contemporary folk and roots. From the blisteringly bluesy fingerpicking of 'Sun is Rising' and 'Gone Too Far', to the boozy waltz-like croon of 'Three of Hearts' and 'Last Drinks', or the folksy, Dylan-esque balladry of 'Love and War', there is an effortless transition between genres, fused together by vintage sounds and timeless themes.

Production wise it's a subtle affair, showcasing a rich voice reminiscent of Mark Knopfler and intricate 'finger-style' guitar from start to finish. The album was recorded and mixed with a tendency for spaciousness, hence some of the arrangements are quite atmospheric, however, the use of analogue equipment and vintage ribbon microphones has ensured a unifying warmth of tone throughout the project. Calling in favours from several renowned characters on the Australian music scene, the guest artists have added their colours to Dave's palette whilst remaining respectful to the nature of each song and the space required for the guitar and vocals.

At the heart of this album is the songwriting... personal and observational tales delving into themes of love lost and found, extending the boundaries of normal relationships, the isolation of mental illness, and woeful stories of 'life on the road'. It takes a few listens to get used to Dave's dry sense of humor, but once familiar with the album, you can hear that at least a few of these tunes have been penned with a wry smile.

As a firm believer in the album format, Dave intended this collection of songs to be appreciated as a whole body of work, rather than consumed one song at a time... hence the digital release was delayed until the first 'preview pressing' had sold out. The Itunes launch co-incides with the unveiling of 'The Deluge' film clip, a beautiful blend of landscapes and narrative, which highlights the very cinematic nature of Dave's music on this particular album.


Gone Too Far is available now at Itunes, Bandcamp, CDbaby and at all of Dave's live performances. 'The Deluge' single is available for free download at Noisetrade/davecalandra... with 100% of any donations from Noisetrade going directly to Lifeline Australia.

Like any good work of art, this is an album that gives a little more with every listen. Lean-in closer and hear something special.


released November 15, 2013


Alon Ilsar - Drums ( 1, 2, 5, 7)

Stan Holroyd - Keys ( 1, 2, 3, 5, 7)

Tully Dingle - Drums ( 3, 6 ) Percussion ( 3, 9 ) Bass ( 2, 3, 7 )

Vanessa Forbes - Flute (3)

Mikey Floyd - Double Bass (6)

Gary Sinclair - Verb goodness, synth weirdness and toy bells (9)

Alexi Kaye - Backing vocals (2)

Jason Walker - Pedal Steel (2, 6, 10) Lap Slide (5)

Leroy Lee - Harmonica (1)

Chloe Hall - Backing vocals (8)

Dave Calandra - Acoustic and electric guitars, slide and lead,
Vocals and backing vocals, moog, harmonica, wurlitzer.

Recorded by Pal Sheldon and Dave Calandra at Artec, Megaphon, Sandcastle, and in various Sydney living rooms and bedrooms.
Additional recording by Chris Vallejo on tracks 2 & 3 at Linear.
Mixed by Pal and Dave at Artec. Mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Sound. Back cover photograph by Pat Haynes, Inside photo by Earle Dresner. Album layout by Peter King. Produced by Dave Calandra.



all rights reserved


Dave Calandra Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Sun is Rising
Sun is Rising
Love my girl, but she's messing around,
Made me the fool, running all over town.
Drives me crazy when I'm home at night,
She keeps me fretting 'til the morning light.
I should leave her, but her spell is too strong,
Sun is rising, and I've been waiting all night long...

Well its the second time this week that I heard her speak
of the hard work in school,
But class is done by eight, why is she home so late?
Does she think I'm a fool?
Even blind men can see that something is wrong,
Sun is rising, and I've been waiting all night long...

Now she's gone and I'm better this way,
I play my guitar every night and day.
Never knew that it could feel so good,
I love my girl made of steel and wood.
'Cause when I hold her close, I can hear her sing my song,
Sun is rising, and I've been playing all night long...
Come on baby, play with me, yeah!
Track Name: Runaway Girl
Runaway Girl
Saddle-up, make a move girl, you're running away.
You've heard enough bad news about the dues you've gotta pay.
Hit the road, take a turn, it'll do you just fine,
and soon enough you'll be leaving them woes behind.

It'll tell you everything that you want to know,
Right now, you can go where you want to go, girl,
'Cause you're a runaway girl.

Sun-up, a new day in a brand new town.
You'll shake it off, tear it up, and then you'll knock it all down.
Looking back on a life that you won't even know.
You've come so far now, but how much further will you go?

It'll tell you everything that you want to hear,
Great times, all your trouble gonna disappear, girl,
'Cause you're a runaway girl.

Heaven knows where you'll go, there's a map in your mind.
A cloud of dust in the air means you're making good time.
For a year, for a month, a week, or for a day.
You'll be calling all the shots now you're running away.
You're running away, you're running away,
'Cause you're a runaway girl.

It'll show you everything that you want to see,
Sure enough, you can be all you want to be, girl,
'Cause you're a runaway girl.
A little runaway girl.

Now you're a runaway girl,
A little runaway girl,
Now you're a runaway girl,
A little runaway....
Track Name: The Deluge
The Deluge
It comes like a deluge that pours from within,
It's darker than evil and meaner than sin,
It steals your attention and strangles your mind,
It dampens the senses and renders you blind.
It holds you for ransom, and you pay it with pills,
It changes direction, and once again all is still...

So when will it find you? And why does it come?
How can you hide it? And why cant you run?
It's only a feeling, it comes and it goes,
It may never leave you, but from time to time it changes clothes...

Search for the reason, try to explain,
Sifting the memories for something to blame.
I know that you're hurting, I know that it's real,
The cross you are bearing, and the way that you feel,
I'll share in the burden, and come when you call,
You know I'll be waiting, to be the one that breaks your fall.
Track Name: Gone Too Far
Gone Too Far
You said you will come, But I've been waiting too long,
You said you will come, But I've been waiting too long.
Just step on a greyhound and get off in L.A.,
Then fly down to Sydney, I'm back here to stay.
Missing you badly and making me blue,
Have I gone too far, from you?

I wait for your call, but I might not hear it at all,
I wait for your call, but I might not hear it at all.
Sometimes there are weeks when I just can't get through,
The distance keeps growing between me and you,
The waiting gets old, but the timing is new...
Have I gone too far, from you?

I love you babe, did I make a mistake when I left you with nothing to hold?
I love you babe, did I make a mistake, do you think that our love's grown cold?
You've got to be brave, got to be strong, I wish I could tell you I wont be too long,
But I cant shake this feeling that something is wrong,
Have I gone too far, from you?

Maybe it's too long for someone to wait,
Maybe it's too hard, too sad, or too late,
Maybe it's too bad I'm not there with you,
And maybe it's over just tell me it's true
if I've gone too far from you?
Have I gone too far from you?
Have I gone too far from you?
Track Name: Three of Hearts
Three of Hearts
Hey babe, I think I'd better tell you,
I've got my heart wrapped around you,
When are we gonna be together?
It's hard to say.
For so long I've been loving you,
And I know you feel it too.
but I'm caught up in this game we play.
'Cause when I draw my card, its always the same,
Three hearts and one love, we're caught in the game.
When I draw my card, again and again,
Three hearts and one love.

So you love another girl,
You are both beautiful,
and I'd love you to make room for me.
I know that we can work it out,
there's no need to have a doubt,
it's time your two hearts became three ,
'Cause when I draw my card, it's always the same,
Three hearts and one love, we're caught in the game,
When I draw my card, again and again,
Three hearts and one love.

The two of you lying next to me, we could keep going round again,
The three of us in the same love, you know its so rare,
I still believe we can make it ...we just have to share.
Track Name: Thicker Than Water
Thicker Than Water
When you were young, you dreamt of a life that was better,
You talked about love, I told you to go out and get her,
But somewhere it changed, all of your hopes had been shattered,
Time slipped away, with everything you thought had mattered.

Trapped in the mind, try to express what you're feeling,
but no-one can hear, or they don't understand what you're saying.
So you keep it inside, until you decide there's a reason,
For shocking the world, with outbursts of internal treason.

But your blood is thicker than water,
So when you feel like a lamb to the slaughter,
You know I am real, I'll always believe you,
Help you to heal, and give someone to turn to.

Do what you can, and work with the hand you've been given,
If patience were gold, you could be the master of kingdoms.
then you break-down, and act out to get some attention,
but deep in the heart is where you will find your redemption.

'Cause your blood is thicker than water
So when you feel like a lamb to the slaughter,
You know I am real, I'll always believe you
Help you to heal, and give you someone to turn to.
Track Name: Love and war
Love and War
She was old enough to know that something's wrong,
But still too young to put a finger on,
The reason she was never satisfied,
or the darkness buried deep inside.

She thought that he could ease her troubled mind,
But he wasn't moving forward with the times,
The ring, the house, the kids, the life, the dream....
Went slipping by, like a mountain stream.

She'd left it all unspoken, assumed the deal was done,
So when the rules were broken there was no smoking gun.
She'd walked into an ambush that was obviously there,
In love and war, all is fair,
In love and war, all is fair.

Ignored the truth, though it was plain to see,
He could not be in love and still be free,
'Cause he'd give an arm to hold her by his side,
and then he'd bite one off to run into the night.

Never gave him reason to complain,
Never did she cause him any pain,
But sometimes he'd just rather be alone,
and then he couldn't find the words to bring her home.

He can't blame her for leaving, and wished he'd done the same,
But he was trapped by inhibition, and crucified by shame.
The overwhelming silence was more than she could bare ,
In love and war, all is fair,
In love and war, all is fair.
Track Name: One of a kind
One of a Kind
Tell me, where did you come from?
God knows I'd been waiting so long...
A real love is so rare to find,
and your love is one of a kind.
You're one of a kind, you're one of a kind.
You're one of a kind, you're one of a kind.

Sometimes I think we've met before,
In this life, or maybe something more....
'Cause your touch can bring me peace of mind,
And your love is one of a kind.

When I'm gone too long, you say you understand,
And when I'm lost for words, I know you understand,
And anytime I'm wrong, you say you understand,
And anywhere it hurts, I know you understand,
You understand.
'Cause you're one of a kind,
You're one of a kind.

So tell me, where did you come from?
God knows I'd been waiting so long....
Track Name: Last Drinks
Last Drinks
He watches the barman pouring a drink for a stranger,
as he thinks to himself "who will I meet here tonight?".
He might see old friends, or catch-up with someone he worked for,
He might even get lucky, or get in a fight.

But who is that man making a noise in the corner?
It's no-one he's heard of, and not what he came here to see.
He can't name those songs, it's not music he'd like to dance to,
so he thinks it's no good, and he hears it for free.

By 'last drinks' it all happens, he cheers for the teams on the TV,
While the pool table beckons, and the jukebox lights-up on the wall.
He yells and he screams, demands everybody's attention,
But he's got nothing to say, he's got nothing at all.

Well I've had enough, I played them my songs for three hours.
I've had enough, I don't even care if they die.
I gave them my heart, poured out my soul by the glassful,
and now I've got no more to give, I wont even try,
I've got no more to give, I wont even try.